Why do I need 88 weighted keys?

Why do I need 88 weighted keys?

88-weighted key keyboards are generally considered better for piano lessons than unweighted keyboards for a number of reasons. One of the main advantages of weighted keys is that they mimic the feel of a real acoustic piano, where the keys require varying degrees of...

What keyboard should I get for piano lessons?

While just about any keyboard can be used as a tool for learning, the minimum requirement for piano lessons is an 88 keys weighted keyboard or an acoustic piano. Read more about why you need an 88 key weighted piano. Here are some keyboards that we recommend:Yamaha...

What are the piano keys

The piano keys are the rectangular-shaped pieces that form the keyboard of a piano. The keys are typically made of wood and are arranged in a repeating pattern of black and white keys. The white keys are called naturals and the black keys are called sharps or flats....

How to move a piano

Moving a baby grand piano can be a challenging and delicate task. Here are some general steps to consider:1. Hire a professional piano mover Moving a piano requires specialized equipment and experience. Hiring a professional piano mover can ensure that the piano is...

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